Deformed fiber during autoclave sterilization

6/9/2011 Fiber deformed

In autoclave sterilizing a Yellow insert fiber (B550T) on a stainless tray, the fiber jacket was thermally-deformed and welded on the tray.

It seems that the stainless tray was overheated by thermal conduction to much above the preset temperature of the autoclave. A part of the fiber jacket contacted the tray was thermally-deformed.

When using autoclave, make sure that the accessory accepts autoclave method and cover it with sterilization package or a drape.

Catching fire incident during laser using

6/15/2005 trachea tube caught fire

During cordectomy of a dog, the tip of the laser fiber touched the trachea tube and the tube caught fire. The dog got burn trauma on pharyngeal portion and upper part of the trachea. It looks like that anesthesia gas (isoflurane) and the trachea tube were burned under the environment of highly-concentrated oxygen.

The dog got healed up although it expressed pain right after the burn.

The trachea tube whose tip got burned

2005 (date unknown) A hamster caught fire on the neck

Anesthesia gas caught fire during tumor coagulation with ICG on the neck of the hamster.

It is thought that the spark at the body hair or at the char layer of the surgical site caught fire because the surgical area and the gas outlet were too close. The hair of hamster got burned and the cornea was injured.

Before surgery (Before incident)

2007 (date unknown) Suction mask caught fire

While removing puppy’s dewclaw, anesthesia gas accumulated under the fenestrated cloth and caught fire. The suction mask of anesthesia gas also got burned and the puppy got facial burn.

The puppy got facial burn

Be careful to prevent catching fire during use of laser

  • During use of laser, stop anesthesia gas and spread the accumulated gas by a fan.
  • Use muscle injection like ketamine instead of anesthesia.
  • Protect inflammable items like trachea tube with a wet gauze.
  • Make sure to fit the mask and the head firmly to prevent gas leakage.

A surgical glove is used to fit the mask