About Us

Mission Statement

  1. Make a contribution to human medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine by developing laser equipment and other advanced medical devices.
  2. Develop surgical technique and protocol for minimal-invasive treatment and propose it to surgeons which eventually will be beneficial for patients.
  3. Provide a working environment where all the employees may take pleasure in contributing for medicine and health of human beings and companion animals and live of pride and affluence.

Holding the Mission Statement up, Asuka Medical will aim at being a leading company in the laser medicine and surgery, developing and proposing the potential of new laser technology to the world medical and veterinary scenes.

R&D Center. Asuka Medical. Inc. 2F Doshisha University Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation
1 Koudo Jizoudani. Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture. 610-0332 Japan
Phone: +81 (774) 65-2233 / Fax: +81 (774) 65-2288
Head Office, Asuka Medical, Inc. 8F Advanced Science. Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto
134 Chudoji Minamimachi, Shimogyoku, Kyoto City, 600-8813 Japan
Phone: +81 (75) 777-6097
Web: http://www.asuka-med.com
Establishment Jan. 27, 2003
Capital 10,000,000円
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Seiji Nakamura
Intellectual property Patent – 2 (pending) / Design registration – 3 / Trademark registration – 1
Agents 84 agents (Japan)


Jan. 2003 Established to develop, import and sell the medical laser equipment. Set up the Kyoto laser training laboratory.
Oct. 2006 MAFF approval of veterinary diode laser system DVL-15 acquired
Jul. 2008 Increased capital to JPY 57,500,000
Mar. 2009 Increased capital to JPY 64,900,000
Apr. 2009 Veterinary Medical Devices Manufacturing Accreditation acquired
May. 2009 First-Class Medical Device Marketing Authorization acquired
Nov. 2009 Receive national fund for medical multifunctional laser scalpel from New High-Tech Venture Development Foundation
Dec. 2013 ADL-20 Medical Semiconductor Laser System approved as Specially Controlled Medical Device by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Jun. 2014 210,980,000 Capital Increase with Investment from Venture Capitals
Dec. 2014 Received subsidy of Economic Gardening R&D support project of Kyoto Prefecture for Cervical Cancer Laser Therapy Device Development
Sep. 2015 Received A Rank Award of Kyoto City Venture Support Program
Feb 2016 Received stepup subsidy of Economic Gardening R&D support project of Kyoto Prefecture.
Jun 2016 Received subsidy of advanced medical technology R&D of Kyoto City.
Jun 2016 Received subsidy of Central Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry.
May 2017 Moved main business office to the local government small and medium sized venture company incubation facilities.